• Added new option: initialize
  • Fix: ready event to fire when ready (see commit f6b44a7)
  • Added ajaxOptions to load event (PR by campadrenalin)


  • Improved documentation
  • Fix: Cannot read property 'Deferred' of undefined (in jQuery noConflict mode) (fixes #188, #271, #291)


  • Fix: render callback is not executed when using a custom render function (fixes #198)
  • Fix: unpredictable behaviour when multiple instances used the same selectors for sub-elements (fixes #93)
  • Stop ajax responder if instance was destroyed or reinitialized


  • Fix: prevent multiple initialisations causing duplicate items (fixes #175, #183)


  • Improved documentation on delay and negativeMargin options
  • Added FAQ to support documentation
  • Added Wordpress cookbook
  • Fix: Maintain history state object when changing pages (longzheng)
  • Fix: no longer caching $itemsContainer (fixes #153)
  • Fix: really destroy instance on destroy method (fixes #160)
  • Fix: Replaced deprecated size() with .length (fixes #162)
  • Fix: Reworked binding and unbinding (fixes various issues with unbinding)
  • Fix: Bail out when device doesn't support onScroll event (like Opera Mini) (fixes #146 by fflewddur)
  • Added reinitialize method


  • Bug #152 Improve compatibility support when Prototype is used along with jQuery (antoinekociuba)
  • Added docs


  • Added htmlPrev and textPrev options to IASTriggerExtension


  • Changed argument of load event from url to event object
  • Fixed prev() return value


  • Added History extension
  • Added ready event
  • Added loaded event (load is now triggered before loading starts)
  • Added rendered event (render is now triggered before rendering starts)
  • Added priority to callbacks
  • Added initialize call for extensions
  • Added one method


  • Completely rewritten
  • Extensible through extensions
  • Extensible through events
  • Added an extensive test suite

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