argument type description
scrollOffset integer current number of pixels scrolled from the top
scrollThreshold integer threshold which marks the line from where IAS should start loading the next page

Triggered when a visitor scrolls.


argument type description
event object load event

Triggered when a new page is about to be loaded from the server.

The load event object contains the following properties.

property type description
event.url string url that will be loaded
event.ajaxOptions object options that are passed to $.ajax method

Using this event it is possible to change the requested url. This can be useful to append an arbitrary parameter to the requested url so the server can handle the request differently. For example to optimize the returned html by stripping everything outside the container element (header, footer, etc.).

ias.on('load', function(event) {
    event.url = event.url + "?ajax=1";

    // alternatively... = { ajax: 1 };

The ajaxOptions property can also be used for more exotic configurations.

ias.on('load', function(event) {
    // A more exotic example, timeout and HTTP auth
    event.timeout = 7000; //ms
    event.username = 'shirley';
    event.password = 'temple';

See for a complete list of options.


argument type description
data string html of the loaded page
items array elements

Triggered after a new page was loaded from the server.

ias.on('loaded', function(data, items) {
    var $items = $(items);

    console.log('Loaded ' + $items.length + ' items from server');


argument type description
items array elements to be rendered

Triggered before new items will be rendered.

By returning false from your callback you can prevent the items from being rendered. For example:

ias.on('render', function(items) {
    var $items = $(items);


    return false;


argument type description
items array items to be rendered

Triggered after new items have rendered.

This can be useful when you have a javascript function that normally performs some actions on the items in the $(document).ready event. When loading items from a new page using IAS, the document ready handler isn't called. Use this event instead.

In the following example all we iterate through the newly rendered items and setup a tooltip plugin.

ias.on('rendered', function(items) {
    var $items = $(items);

    $items.each(function() {
        $('.tooltip', this).tooltip();


Triggered when there are no more pages left.

Note: This event is only fired once.

An example:

ias.on('noneLeft', function() {
    console.log('We hit the bottom!');


argument type description
url string the url of the next page that will be loaded

Triggered when the next page should be loaded. Happens before loading of the next page starts.

With this event it is possible to cancel the loading of the next page. You can do this by returning false from your callback.

Say for example you want to stop loading more pages if you hit a certain url:

ias.on('next', function(url) {
    if (url.match(/page3\.html/)) {
        return false;


Triggered when IAS and all the extensions have been initialized.

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