Infinite Scroll Reimagined

Infinite Ajax Scroll is a modern javascript plugin to turn any pagination into an infinite scroll in matter of minutes.

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npm i -S @webcreate/infinite-ajax-scroll

Infinite Ajax Scroll empowers web professionals to create powerful interactive paginations

Back-button proof

The browser url is automatically updated when you scroll between pages. Users can reload or bookmark the page and always return to the right place.

SEO friendly

Infinite Ajax Scroll is placed on top of your existing server-side pagination (progressive enhancement). Allowing search engine crawlers to access your content.

Highly customizable

With it's flexible API and event based architecture you can adapt it to your needs.

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Powerful API and events

Thanks to a powerful API and event-based architecuture, the possibilities are endless.

Modern codebase

Built with the latest Javascript technologies and with comprehensive test coverage.

Open source

Our code base is open source, which means more stable code. Thanks to contributions from other users.

Great docs and examples

Clear and complete documentation with interactive examples to play with.