Infinite AJAX Scroll

The SEO-friendly infinite scroll plugin for jQuery

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What is Infinite AJAX Scroll?

Infinite AJAX Scroll is a jQuery infinite scrolling plugin. It works by reading the next (and previous) links of your existing server-side pagination and load these pages via AJAX when the visitor scrolls to the end of the page.

This approach, also known as progressive enhancement, is SEO-friendly and offers your users a better user-experience, resulting in longer visitor times and more page views.

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"If you have already done pagination for your page, it will be a 5min job to integrate it."
Nil'z, a Stack Overflow user

Packed with features.

We did all the hard work for you, leaving nothing but a few lines of code for you.

Progressive enhancement

Your paginated pages are progressively enhanced with infinite scrolling.


Search-engine crawlers can access your pages perfectly as recommended by Google.

Great documentation

We strive to have clear and complete documentation.

Dead simple

Only a few lines of configuration needed. You’re done in less then 5 minutes.

Clean stable code

Fully unit tested and cleanly-coded. Open-source means more stable code.

It just works

Works with any type of website: Wordpress, Joomla, Magento... and the list goes on!

Customize & Extend

Works great out-of-the box, but you can customize everything, if you need to.

Highly customizable

Customizable options and extensions give you the freedom to make infinite scroll fit right into your design.

Powerful extensions

Extensions hook into the lightweight core and add powerful new features, but only if you need them.