End of life Infinite Ajax Scroll 2

Published January 3, 2020

First released six years ago on February 1st, 2014, Infinite Ajax Scroll 2 has accomplished more than I could ever dream of. What started more than eight years ago as a hobby project, based on a personal need, turned out to be a profitable side project, generating over $12k in revenue and almost 600 licenses sold.

Since 2014 a lot has changed in the JavaScript-world and the version 2 codebase hasn't evolved with it, making it unmaintainable. This triggered the development of Infinite Ajax Scroll 3. With version 3 now in public beta and version 2 unmaintainable it's time to call the end of life for version 2.

Version 2 will no longer receive updates. Outstanding issues and pull requests will be closed and all my attention will be focused on version 3. Users of version 2 are advised to upgrade to version 3.

Why upgrade?

Infinite Ajax Scroll 3 is build from the ground up, with modern websites and apps in mind. It is no longer dependent on jQuery, making it more lightweight. It has a new and improved event based architecture, giving developers more flexibility and a beter developer experience. It also supports ES6 modules and imports, and can used with NPM or various CDN's.

Checkout version 3 examples or read the documentation on how to get started.

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